Government Implementing agency

Ministries of Justice and Internal Affairs



  1. The foreign citizen shall file its request to adopt a Mongolian national child to the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare of Mongolia through his or her home country's state authority or non-governmental organisation in charge of adoption.
  2. The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare shall (i) examine and study the application of the parent(s) who filed a request to adopt a Mongolian national child, (ii) recommend a child who has been subject to inquiry through a legally authorised organisation, and (iii) deliver its recommendation and other the relevant documents to the Mongolian Immigration Authority if the parents accept the
  3. The Immigration Authority shall have an interview with the parents and the authorised representatives of the legally authorised organisation on the basis of recommendation submitted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, and shall finalise/resolve the adoption case within 30 days at the meeting of the Professional Committee on the basis of the interview result.
  4. [The Immigration Authority] shall conclude a tripartite agreement with foreign citizen who have been granted a permission to adopt a Mongolian national child and the authorised organization, and the after adoption supervision shall be implemented pursuant to such agreement.

Required documents: 

  1. A request to adopt a child (if married, joint request) and its official translation;
  2. Copies of the national identification card or its equivalent, and if married, a marriage certificate;
  3. Biography of 2 generations of his/her family, family inquiry/detailed information/ and a family portrait;
  4. A reference letter confirming a permanent residency address [of the applicant];
  5. A reference letter regarding financial capability [of the applicant] obtained from the relevant entity;
  6. A reference letter issued by police, health organisation and other relevant organisation confirming that there is no circumstance prohibiting such adoption; and
  7. A permit issued by a competent authority of the adoptive parents' country of jurisdiction which permits the adoption of a foreign child, entrance of such child to the country and permanent residency of the child.


  • The organisation authorised under the tripartite agreement, shall send a report on the [adopted] child's development (to be translated into Mongolian) to the Immigration Authority; and
  • The above documents must be confirmed, signed and stamped (or sealed) by officials of a competent authority of the adoptive parents' country of jurisdiction.