Government Implementing agency

Ministries of Justice and Internal Affairs


  1. Request letter of the inviting entity /request letter of the foreign national/
  2. Original and copy of the passport
  3. Newspaper announcement letter
  4. Certificate of the address if the address is changed
  5. Foreign national shall come to the Mongolia Immigration Agency herself/himself to pay the fine
  6. If the card is stolen please attach police statement

Resident card progression will take 5 business days, express service will take 3 business days.

Foreign nationals shall change their inviting entity with the following documents:

  1. Formal letter of the current inviting entity
  2. Formal letter of the new inviting entity
  3. Necessary documents from the General authority of the state registration, General agency for labour and social service.
  4. Passport and residence card
  5. State registration certificate and license of the new inviting entity
  6. Statement of the address
  7. Fill in Registration form with one photo /passport size/
  1. Formal letter
  2. Passport and its copy
  3. Payment of 1000 MNT
  1. Formal letter of the Inviting entity
  2. State registration certificate and License of the Inviting entity
  3. Old passport with valid visa and new passport
  4. Fill in Visa application with one photo /passport size/

Foreign investor, contract worker, student and personal shall apply for deregistration at least 4 business days before expiry date.

  1. Hand-written letter, formal letter of the inviting entity
  2. Passport and residence card
  3. Inviting entity shall plan the departure date
  1. Formal letter of the inviting entity of the foreign national that wishes for de-registration/Hand-written letter if the foreign national have no host/
  2. Copy of the state registration certificate and license
  3. Temporary passport
  4. Letter of the newspaper which indicates about the lost passport