Government Implementing agency

Ministries of Justice and Internal Affairs


The invitation is issued as a permit of visa to a foreign national who visits Mongolia for private purposes.

Either Mongolian national or foreign national residing in Mongolia that is 18 years or above can apply for an invitation.

  • Letter /including the purpose of invitee to stay in Mongolia, guarantee of not to be employed as well as leave Mongolia within the visa duration/
  • Copy of passport /at least valid for 6 months or higher/
  • Identification card copy of Mongolian national or residence card and passport copy of foreign national
  • Inviter shall provide a guarantee financial sources which might be used for living costs and probable medical costs /1,600,000 tugrugs that is equal to multiplied five times of minimum wage shall be accounted in inviter’s savings or account /
  • Application form for invitation – 4
  • If invitee visits with its family members, copy of marriage certificate and birth certificate shall be submitted along with its guaranteed translation.

  • Invitation is valid for 90 days from its issuance date. Invitee shall apply for a visa at the Mongolian diplomatic missions abroad along with invitation and other sufficient documents.

Notice: Foreign national shall respect the Constitution of Mongolia, Mongolian national traditions and culture as well as obey its laws. Inviting person shall make sure that a foreign national returns within the permitted period of visa.