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Leaving Mongolia

Admin 2021/03/05 Covid

Temporary and long-term residents returning home

Temporary and long-term residents impacted by COVID-19 can make arrangement to return to their home country. However, requirements may vary depending on their nationality.

  1. Russian nationals who wish to leave Mongolia can cross the border at Altanbulag international land port. No exemption is needed from The State Emergency Commission. If you wish to depart through Buyant-Ukhaa International airport, you should contact your airline for further information.
  2. Chinese nationals who wish to depart Mongolia must file a request at Chinese embassy and follow their embassy`s instruction.
  3. For other nationals, they may book a charter flights and the airline companies shall provide with relevant information.

You may also wish to find out if there are any private or government repatriation flights to your home country.

If you would like further assistance to return home, you can contact your embassy or consulate in Mongolia.

Please note that the foreigner must have valid visa or "Deregistration" stamp on passport when crossing the border. If you have an official letter from the inviting entity and the documents are complete, it is possible Mongolia Immigration Agency officers issue an “Re-entry visa” or “Deregistration” at the port of exit.